EQUI - Real-time skill matchmaking app

A mobile app that uses social network elements and a subscription system to allow anyone to instantly find opportunities for monetizing their skills and passions without extra efforts and high costs.


The fullest ever online representation of you

A feature-rich profile lets you have the best ever online representation of YOU with help of six functional elements.

A resume, that shows all the professional details about you. Let people know who you really are!

The complete list of all assets that you own. Show others which tools do you use for your professional services, use Assets to keep track of your stuff, sell your items or just show them off!

Show the world, what you are capable of with portfolios. List the jobs you have done, photos you have shoot, pictures you have painted or whatever else you want people to see about your professional experience!

Keep track of your projects and never ever miss a note. Let others support and help you do things you have always wanted to do. Communicate with others and make your projects stand out!

Keep track of all the events that happen in your life. Be the one in control and find connection between different occurrences in your life. Boost your personal development!

Let everybody know what you want. You never know how this may turn around!


A simple way to find whatever you need

You can find whatever you need with just a simple request. You can find products, services, skilled people, information or whatever else. It’s only limited by your imagination. You will even find your own ways of using the request system.

Find whatever products you need, even if you don't exactly know what exactly you are looking for.

Find any service you may need by just explaining what do you need to be done and let professionals take part in the discussion and make offers.

Find exactly the people you need for the job opening you might have no matter is it a permanent position or just a gig.

Maybe you just have a question you cannot find an answer for. You can post it and professionals are there to help.

How do the requests work?

A simple interface, that lets you find whatever you need in a very comfortable and easy way

Create a request

Choose category, location, write title and short description of what do you need and even add optional media.

Publish it

Publish the request which is automatically routed to all the people who are ready to make offers for you.


Get offers and interact with the people, who are ready to serve you. Choose what suits you best.


Offer products or services, find jobs or gigs... MAKE MONEY!

Subscribe for whatever category that matches your skills or interests and start instantly seeing what people are looking for. Make offers, compete, apply for job or a gig or just research the market in a simplest way ever.

Get requests from people who need a certain product and do the offer and compete with others in a single space.

Offer your professional service to those who need it. Make offers or suggestions and keep growing your professional network.

Hunting for gigs? No problem. Subscribe for whatever category you can handle and find active gigs in the fastest way possible.

Looking for a job? Subscribe and get the latest job offers, get interviewed and accepted within a single application.

How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions are the easiest possible way to get a lot of benefit without hassle.

Create a subscription

Choose category and location of whichever field you are ready to provide products or services in.

Submit it

Submit the subscription and start instantly seeing active requests from people.


Make offers, share information. Use internal communication tools to interact with potential customers.